Apple Announces New Initiative To safeguard mangroves and local livelihoods in india

Apple introduced a new initiative in the Maharashtra region of Raigad on Friday to safeguard mangroves and local livelihoods.

The tech giant gave the Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) a grant to work with the local community to maintain a 2,400-hectare mangrove forest in the area, which serves as a critical buffer against climate change’s most hazardous effects.

According to the firm, AERF will engage into conservation agreements with local community members as part of the cooperation, offering help in turn for preserving and protecting the mangroves on their land.

“Our new partnership in India continues this momentum, helping a community benefit economically from the restoration of the mangrove forests that protect against the worst impacts of climate change,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives.
The partnership’s purpose is to assist in the transition of the local economy to one that is based on the preservation and health of mangroves.

AERF will also work with Conservation International to verify the mangroves’ climatic benefits, taking into consideration carbon trapped in both trees and soil.

Mangroves operate as carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in their soil, plants, and other sediment. They also buffer coastal people from climate impacts such as the erratic monsoons and increasing seas that threaten the Raigad area.

“Though mangrove conservation issues are diverse and different in each place, here in our project area, opportunities are also many,” said Dr Archana Godbole, director of AERF.

“Training our young enthusiastic team as well as local communities for blue carbon will surely help us travel a long way to achieve mangrove conservation in this vibrant coastal area along the Arabian Sea,” Godbole added.