Ashneer Grover Strikes Out At BharatPe Board Members For ‘Snatching Keys’

Ashneer Grover, the former co-founder and managing director of BharatPe, struck out at the fintech company’s board members again on Thursday, claiming that stealing the keys and running a market stall are two distinct skill sets.

Ashneer’s corporate titles were revoked from him last month after he was accused of “extensive misappropriation of company funds” and using “company expense accounts” to “enrich themselves and fund their lavish lifestyles.”

“So I just heard @bharatpeindia closed its first quarter of ‘degrowth’ and ‘maximum cash burn’ under able (sic) leadership of Rajnish Kumar and Suhail Sameer. ‘Chaabi chheenna and hatti chalana do alag alag skills hai !’ Ab Nani yaad aayegi – markets are the ultimate test & truth,” he posted.

Ashneer, who is also a highly regarded judge on the Indian reality show Shark Tank, has accused BharatPe CEO Sameer of siding with the investors in order to force him out of the company. Following concerns that government regulators may broaden their investigation into BharatPe’s financial records in the aftermath of the Ashneer-Madhuri Grover incident, the fintech platform announced last month that it will fully comply with the law of the land.

Ashneer’s wife, Madhuri Jain, was fired from the company after a probe discovered misappropriation of funds during her time as head of controls, and Ashneer resigned after BharatPe accused him, his wife, and their relatives of misappropriating company funds and egregiously misusing company funds to pay their extravagant lifestyles.

During the Ashneer Grover-BharatPe disagreement, Shashvat Nakrani, co-founder of the fintech platform, declared that the incident was an outlier, not the standard, and that the company will turn the catastrophe into an advantage.