Budget 2022: Delhi Police’s allocation up from ₹8,600cr to ₹10,000cr

According to authorities, the Delhi Police has been granted a total of 10,355.29 crore in the Budget projections for 2022–23, an increase of 1,701.03 crore over last year’s allotment of 8,654.26 crore.

The police stated in a statement that $9,808.39 crore has been set aside for establishment-related expenses and $287 crore has been set aside for the “capital” sector, which covers the deployment of surveillance monitoring systems around Delhi and the purchase of sophisticated technology.

This money will also go toward “communication system upgrades such as cyber highway and digital trunking radio systems, as well as the implementation of an Intelligent Traffic Management System and the introduction of various police vehicles.”

According to the police, a total of Rs. 259 crore would be spent on police infrastructure, including the development of office towers, residential structures, and the operation and maintenance of the new police headquarters, which will be funded through a public-private partnership.

Last year, the police budgeted Rs 8,100.20 crore for setup costs and Rs 237.92 crore for upgrades and development.