Controversy stirs in after Salman Khan advocated Censorship in OTT Platforms

Seems like ‘Bhai’ couldn’t get off any controversial topics. Recently in a press conference organized by the Filmfare Awards, Salman Khan spoke about how OTT platforms should avoid nudity, vulgarity, and ‘Gaali-Gaaloch’. After his statement, netizens took the internet to the storm. He was last seen in the Star-studded event by the Ambanis, where Bollywood and Hollywood stars came together. He was seen to have shared the event with Aishwarya Rai Bacchan rumored to be his ex-girlfriend. The netizens made several sad memes connecting and editing their separate pictures.

However, this is not the only reason he’s in the headlines. Yet again he made a controversial statement pointing out OTT platforms. He said in the press conference, ‘I don’t need OTT. I have been working since 1989, and I have never watched OTT.’ The Tiger-fame actor added, ‘Just like cinema, censorship is required on digital platforms as well.’ He seemed to hold unknown grudges for the OTT platforms which are the hot favorite of today’s generation.

His legal troubles like the black buck case and the hit-and-run case had kept his image in the black box. He was seen to have promoted his company ‘Being Human’ but received massive hate for his ‘Bad Boy’ reputation. Which furthermore also connected to his past love life. He seemed to have dated a lot of young female actors.

However, speaking at the event hosted by Filmfare he seemed to have openly advocated censorship for OTT platforms. He also furiously said that the OTT platforms overdo nudity, vulgarity, and profanities. They are corrupting impressionable 15 and 16-year-olds with content that is culturally alien to a family value-conscious Indian.

His statement caused a ton of chaos among modern netizens who spoke up against his so-called ‘Value conscious’ mindset. They took the social media to write several comments about how he proudly hosted the famous Indian adaptation of big brother, the ‘Bigg Boss’, which shows toxicity, body shaming, sexism, violence, and sometimes nudity. His statement stirred controversial reactions among young stars as well who worked with OTT platforms for quite some time.

Young actor and the renewed and legendary Bollywood actor Amrish Puri’s Grandson Vardhan Puri stated in an interview with a media outlet, While certification is acceptable, it is absolutely illogical to cut out portions of content or prevent its release based on language, nudity, or vulgarity. Vardhan said he believed that regulation is necessary. Not Censorship. He also disagreed with the idea of individuals or organizations deciding what is acceptable for viewers to watch.

Among all these controversies and anticipations regarding Salman Khan’s Bad Boy image, fans are excited about Uniting both Khans together. Reportedly, Salman Khan is said to be sharing the screen with Shah Rukh Khan for Tiger Vs. Pathaan. Siddharth Anand will come on board as the director. Whatever the situation or image of the ‘Tiger Zinda hai’ fame actor, fans are head over heels after listening to the Superstar Collaboration between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.