Delhi: Swami Dayanand Hospital to start providing CT scans at a cheaper rate

East Delhi Municipal Corporation is launching a discounted CT scan service at Swami Dayanand Hospital in Dilshad Garden, which is managed by the local body.

This scan can diagnose tumours, internal haemorrhage, and tissue or fluid biopsies. “We are in the process of starting providing CT scan services at Swami Dayanand Hospital at subsidised rates—less than the CGHS/Delhi approved ones”—throughoutsourcing via the public-private partnership mode, said Beer Singh Panwar, the chairman of the standing committee.

He went on to say that bids are being sought and that the contract would be granted to the company that offers the best deal. He went on to say that the city government would donate space on the hospital’s grounds. Panwar explained that the Swami Dayanand Hospital treats patients from the economically disadvantaged who cannot access private care and that, as a result, infrastructure is being improved.

BPL card holders and EWS patients would be able to use the facilities for free.

Free services will also be provided to patients without attendants and requiring such urgent tests, following the recommendation of a treating doctor and with the permission of a medical superintendent, Panwar added.