Domestic And Commercial LPG Cylinder Prices Cross Rs 1,000 Mark, Second Rise In May

On Thursday, domestic cooking gas LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) rates were raised by ₹3.50 per cylinder. This is the second price increase in May, bringing LPG prices beyond ₹1,000.

According to a price notification from state fuel dealers, non-subsidised cooking gas currently costs ₹1,003 per 14.2-kg cylinder in the national capital.

The increase comes after a ₹50-per-cylinder price increase on May 7. Prior to that, on March 22, prices were raised by the same amount.

Prices for 19-kg commercial LPG cylinders were increased by ₹102.50 to ₹2,355.50 on May 1.

In Delhi, a 19-kg commercial cylinder costs In Delhi, a 19-kg commercial cylinder costs ₹2355.50, while in Mumbai, it costs ₹2,307 rupees.

Since of VAT and other levies, the price of LPG cylinders varies by city.

The increase in gas cylinder prices comes at a time when fuel prices in numerous states are exceeding ₹100 per litre.

As a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and global supply uncertainties, rates are continuing to rise.