Hema Malini takes Metro-Auto! Shocked fans showered their love

Imagine, among the hustle-bustle of your city, you spot your favorite celebrity in an Auto. Or Metro? Well sounds like your imagination is not weird at all. Recently, Actor turned politician Hema Malini was seen in Metro and then she took an auto. As per her Twitter video and photos, she was stuck inside the car for too long. Suffering traffic jams and heavy commotion was a bit exhausting for her. That’s when she took the metro and auto as modes of transport to Juhu, her home.

Hema Malini took to Twitter to express her disappointment with Mumbai Traffic. To avoid the commotion she took a metro which helped her reach faster. She appreciated the metro and thanked the fans for showing love and respect towards the ‘Dream Girl’.

She took to Twitter and wrote, ‘I must share with all of you my unique, wonderful experience. Drove 2 hours to reach Dahisar by car, so tiring! On the eve decided I would try the metro and OMG! What a joy it was! True, we went through tough times during the traffic, but worth it! Clean, fast & ws in Juhu in 1/2 hr.’

This tweet had a ton of reshares and comments. However, this gained some positive and negative comments both. Some people said that this is just a PR stunt by Metro. Some said that it is just one day, and she should take metros on other days also.

In the second video she uploaded on Twitter, the fans kept clicking selfies with her. She was overwhelmed with all the love showered upon her. She then wrote, after the metro ride Malini took an auto from DN Nagar to Juhu.

In the last video, she shared from an auto on her way back home. She wrote on Twitter, ‘The security was shocked when I stopped the auto in front of my apartment.’ Well, no one knows the actual motive behind it. Also, was there an actual motive? Or it was done just to avoid the traffic commotion? This remains a question. But it has become clear after the day that, Hema Malini still is the ‘Dream Girl’ of every generation. At least her fan following says that.