Kyiv Shakes as Explosions Echo and Air Raid Sirens Wail

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, experienced a series of at least 10 explosions on Monday morning, around 11:10 am local time. The blasts followed another night of relentless airstrikes, with the city’s air defenses actively repelling the strikes. AFP journalists reported the unsettling sounds of air raid sirens echoing throughout the city.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko verified the explosions, stating that they occurred in Kyiv’s central neighborhoods, an uncommon and disturbing occurrence during the day. Klitschko urged citizens to prioritize their safety and seek refuge quickly. “The attack on Kyiv continues,” he declared, emphasizing the city’s continuous danger. Shortly after his announcement, Klitschko disclosed that emergency services had already been mobilized to extinguish burning rocket debris on the road in Kyiv’s northern Obolonskiy neighborhood.

The municipal government also stated that air defenses over the capital had been activated, as well as the playing of air raid sirens. Despite a period of relative calm earlier this year, Kyiv has been subjected to practically nightly aircraft assaults this month. However, the May attacks were normally carried out at night, making the daylight explosions a startling break from the recent pattern of attack.