North Korea Fights Covid with Traditional Medicines, Honeysuckle Leaves, and Tea

Since early 2020, the majority of the world has been dealing with COVID-19. North Korea, on the other hand, has only recently confirmed that it is battling a widespread national outbreak of the disease.

North Korean health officials announced on Thursday that a fast-spreading fever has afflicted over 2 million people in the country since late April. They also reported that 63 people had perished. North Korea has placed over 740,000 people under quarantine for the fever-causing sickness.

A high body temperature, or fever, is a frequent symptom of the virus.

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, recently appeared in public wearing a face mask. He expressed regret that officials were sluggish in supplying medicine to individuals during a visit to a drugstore.

According to observers, North Korea’s poor, unvaccinated population is frightened of a spike in COVID-19.

North Korean defector Kang Mi-jin. She told The Associated Press that she had spoken with people in Hyesan, North Korea. “North Koreans know so many people around the world have died because of COVID-19, so they have a fear that some of them could die, too,” she said. Some have turned to traditional medicine to deal with their worries.

The majority of North Korea’s pandemic preparedness appears to be focused on quarantining suspected patients. Vaccines, antiviral medicines, critical care units, and other medical equipment are in short supply throughout the country.

One million government employees were dispatched to identify potential patients, according to state media. According to state media, the military assisted in the delivery of medicine to pharmacies.

If you suffer from breathing issues, puke up blood, or faint out, you should see a doctor, according to state television. They also go over what medications patients can take, including natural remedies like honey tea.

Rodong Sinmun, the country’s main newspaper, recommended boiling 4 to 5 grammes of willow or honeysuckle leaves in hot water and drinking it three times a day for mild symptoms.