Riders Stranded In RailRoad After RollerCoaster Acts Up And Comes To Halt At 235 Feet

Riders were left trapped at the top of the Big One attraction in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK, after it appeared to malfunction during its trip up. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, according to the DailyStar. The rollercoaster carriage came to a stop towards the top of the 235-foot ride, according to thrillseekers.

It’s worth noting that when Big One first launched in 1994, it was the world’s tallest and steepest roller coaster. Because of its height and prominence on Blackpool’s skyline, it can be viewed from all along the Fylde coast.

The apparent malfunction over the weekend, according to DailyStar, stranded riders on the famed rollercoaster at the very top of its scary steep drop. Riders said that once the ride came to a halt in the middle, people began walking up the coaster using the side stairs to reach the carriage. During the incident, no one was hurt.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first occasion that park visitors have become caught on a ride. Riders at Carowinds amusement park in the United States were left hanging upside down for over 45 minutes earlier this month when a rollercoaster broke down in the middle of the ride. The park’s maintenance team responded immediately, and no guests were in danger, according to a statement made by Carowinds.

All visitors were safely returned to the stationed to the ground within 30 minutes, according to the statement.