Sikkim’s Summer Adventure Camp for School Children Receives Overwhelming Response

Who doesn’t love interesting summer camps? Everyone does. While the summer vacations of various public schools have commenced, the students have geared up for a 10-day-long summer adventure camp. This is done in collaboration with the army personnel. They have come up with this idea to promote discipline, brotherhood and to make them geographically aware.

On May 15, 2023, a 10-day adventure camp started at Rhenock, Sikkim. The camp includes 140 children from public schools and army personnel serving in West Bengal, Jharkhand, and the seven North Eastern states. This camp will not only provide an insightful response but also aims to make the children aware of brotherhood, discipline, and sincerity.

The Headquarters Eastern Command has organized an adventure camp with the aim of fostering a spirit of adventure, instilling character qualities, promoting discipline, and familiarizing the future generation with national-level initiatives such as Khelo India, Green India, and Swachh Bharat. This initiative includes exposing the children to Sikkim’s rich heritage and providing them the opportunity to meet war heroes and renowned sports personalities.

The camp was inaugurated by the General Officer Commanding the Black Cat Division, accompanied by vibrant cultural and martial dance performances. The General Officer praised the children for choosing to participate in this adventure event and encouraged them to seize this opportunity to build self-confidence, explore Sikkim’s diversity, and understand their responsibilities toward the nation.

The children seemed also very happy with their adventurous summer camp. This will make them more determined, and sincere and will also make them understand geographical diversity among different states. They will also know about their part of responsibility towards the nation and environment.