Starbucks faces backlash for promoting ‘Woke’ agenda in new Ad campaign, “Will create Rifts between GenZ kids and Parents” a Twitterati writes.

The LGBTQ community is eagerly awaiting a decision on the legalization of same-sex marriage, which is currently pending in the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Starbucks has sparked controversy and gained attention with a recent advertisement in India.

The subject of the ad has been criticized by Twitter users, who have previously taken issue with advertisements by Tanishq, Orra Jewellery, and FabIndia. The Starbucks ad is being criticized for being too “woke” and not effectively conveying its intended message.

The Starbucks commercial includes a scene taking place in a café where a couple from a city is waiting for their child, Arpit, who has undergone a gender transition and now identifies as Arpita. The father seems unhappy with the situation, while the mother attempts to calm him down, urging him to listen and avoid getting upset.

Upon arriving at the coffee shop, Arpita embraces her mother with deep emotion before turning to her father. The two exchange a subtle smile.

As Arpita gazes at her father, she expresses, “Although years have passed, you still hold a special place in my heart.” After pondering for a brief moment, her father rises with conviction and offers to fetch her a coffee. Arpita nods in agreement, and her father proceeds to place their order. Upon his return, he eagerly seeks to engage in a new conversation with Arpita. However, just as he begins to speak, the barista announces the arrival of three iced coffees for Arpita.

As soon as Arpita hears her new name being announced on the coffee shop’s speakers, she is surprised and taken aback. However, upon turning to her father, she realizes with a sense of understanding and astonishment that he has finally accepted her decision.

The Starbucks logo and the hashtag ‘#ItStartsWithYourName’ are displayed at the conclusion of the advertisement. The company posted the video on Twitter, emphasizing that an individual’s name defines their identity, irrespective of whether it is Arpit or Arpita. Starbucks affirms its love and acceptance for all people who embrace their genuine selves.

Many Twitter users believe that the Starbucks advertisement, which promotes inclusivity and transgender rights, is not in line with Indian values. The commercial depicts two parents waiting for their son, Arpit, at a Starbucks cafe. The couple seems to be troubled by something, and the wife asks her husband not to get angry when he tries to call their son. The camera then focuses on a woman wearing a maroon dress who approaches the couple and warmly embraces the wife while awkwardly hugging the husband.

While there are those who argue that such an action may cause a division between parents and their children, while others contend that Starbucks is overstepping its boundaries by dictating people’s behavior.

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The Supreme Court of India is currently considering petitions requesting legal recognition for same-sex marriage, while the Central government has disclosed that three states have expressed their disagreement with the proposal.

According to Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, the state governments of Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Rajasthan have voiced their opposition to granting legal recognition to same-sex marriage. On the other hand, the governments of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, and Sikkim have sought more time to furnish a reply on the matter.

On Wednesday, the Center informed the Supreme Court that any constitutional statement it issues regarding the matter might not be the appropriate course of action because the court may not be able to anticipate, envision, comprehend, and address the potential consequences.