Tragedy Strikes! Italy’s Lake Maggiore Claims Four Lives in Boat Capsize

Tragedy Strikes as Italy’s Lake Maggiore Claims Four Lives in Boat Capsize. Four people were killed, including two foreigners, after a boat carrying tourists capsized on Lake Maggiore in high winds, according to Italy’s fire department and local media on Monday. The boat capsized on Sunday evening at Lisanza, at the lake’s southern edge in northern Italy, after the weather unexpectedly became severe.

“The bodies of four people have been recovered,” fire brigade spokesman Luca Cari told AFP.

According to an Israeli foreign ministry statement, one of the casualties was a middle-aged Israeli guy. The local Varese News website, two of the other casualties were Italian (a male and a woman), and the fourth was a Russian woman. Attilio Fontana, head of the Lombardy region, said Sunday that a “whirlwind” had caused the 16-meter (52-foot) long boat to capsize. On Sunday, firefighters reported that 19 people had survived the disaster.

Firefighters reported that 19 individuals had survived the catastrophe, with media sources claiming that some were picked up by passing boats and others swam to shore. According to reports, the boat was carrying both Italian and foreign tourists when it sank swiftly, taking one of the fatalities with it.

A search and rescue helicopter was observed hovering above rough waters, where chairs and other debris could be seen floating. Lake Maggiore, on the south side of the Alps, is Italy’s second-largest lake and a famous tourist attraction.

Initial reports that some of the tourists involved were British were denied by an embassy official.