Ukraine Returnee medical students seek to complete studies in India, stage protest

Medical students who have returned from Ukraine staged a protest in Chennai, urging the federal and state governments to enable them to finish their studies in India.

In support of their demand, the students waved placards and yelled slogans.

Students claimed they want the government to accept them to medical colleges without having to take an entrance exam or spend thousands of dollars in tuition fees because they were forced to leave Ukraine due to the war and had to stop their studies.

M.R. Gunasekaran, President of Ukraine MBBS Students Parents Association while speaking to IANS, said: “The future of 1,896 medical students of Tamil Nadu is in difficulty due to the war and their lives are in jeopardy. States like West Bengal, Gujarat, and Telangana have given assurance to their students but the state of Tamil Nadu is yet to do so.”

In the next days, the students aim to hold similar demonstrations in Madurai, Tirichi, Kanyakumari, Salem, and Coimbatore.