Venice Green Water: Authorities Probe Mysterious Emergence of Fluorescent Green Canal

Venice authorities investigate after canal turns fluorescent green. Authorities in Venice are looking into a patch of bright green water that surfaced in the historic Grand Canal on Sunday morning.

“Some residents near the Rialto Bridge reported seeing a patch of phosphorescent green liquid appear in Venice’s Grand Canal this morning.”

“The prefect has called an emergency meeting with the police to investigate the source of the liquid,” Veneto regional president Luca Zaia tweeted.

The local spokesperson told that they immediately took water samples, reviewed CCTV surveillance tape, and asked local gondolier pilots and boat drivers if they saw anything suspicious before calling an emergency meeting to investigate the cause of the green water, noting that no environmental group had claimed responsibility.

The verdant blob was initially observed at 9:30 a.m. CET (3.30 a.m. ET) and grew slowly, according to various photographs uploaded on social media, which showed gondolas, water taxis, and water bus boats skimming through the emerald substance.

Andrea Pegoraro, a city councilman, instantly blamed environmental groups for recent attacks on Italian cultural heritage sites.

When questioned if they were behind the green water, the group Ultima Generazione, who dumped charcoal into the Trevi Fountain in Rome last weekend, told, “It wasn’t us.”