WHO Chief warns probable emergence of another Pandemic, even deadlier than COVID-19.

During the annual health assembly in Geneva, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, issued a warning that the world must be ready for the potential emergence of a future virus that could pose a greater threat than COVID-19. Stressing the importance of prioritizing discussions focused on preventing future pandemics, he emphasized the need for proactive measures.

Although the World Health Organization has announced that COVID-19 is no longer considered a health emergency, Dr. Tedros urged caution, highlighting that the current pandemic is still ongoing and far from reaching its end.

According to The Independent, Tedros emphasized the need for global readiness in the face of a virus that is anticipated to be “more lethal” than Covid, which has already claimed a minimum of 20 million lives. Tedros expressed concern about the persistent possibility of a new variant emerging, leading to increased cases and fatalities. Additionally, he highlighted the ongoing risk of another pathogen emerging with even greater potential for causing severe harm.

According to a separate Daily Mail report, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified nine diseases as the most significant threats to public health. These diseases are considered high-risk because of either the absence of effective treatments or their potential to trigger a global pandemic.

The Mirror quoted him as saying that the world was caught off guard and ill-equipped to handle the Covid-19 pandemic, which emerged as the most formidable health crisis in a century.

Tedros addressed the assembly several weeks following the conclusion of the global emergency declaration for the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the need to accelerate discussions concerning the prevention of future pandemics.

The WHO director-general emphasized the urgency of the situation during a significant speech to the organization’s member states, stressing that we cannot postpone addressing this issue any longer. He cautioned that another pandemic is inevitable and will demand our attention.

He posed critical questions, stating, “If we fail to implement the necessary changes, who else will take the responsibility? And if we continue to delay, when will we act?”

The upcoming 10-day World Health Assembly in Geneva, taking place during the WHO’s 75th anniversary, aims to tackle various global health issues. These include addressing future pandemics, eliminating polio, and providing assistance to alleviate Ukraine’s health crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion.