Xavi talks Ousmane Dembele, Dani Alves and Barcelona’s new signings

On Saturday, Xavi spoke to the media about everything Barcelona before the team’s crucial La Liga match against Atletico Madrid.

With the Barca coach addressing Ousmane Dembele, his new arrivals, and the prospect of facing the defending champions, there was plenty to talk about.

Here are the highlights:

Xavi on Atletico
Yes, we have another final tomorrow. We’re up against the best in the world. A difficult squad led by an outstanding manager They defend effectively as a team that can press up front. It’s the final, and it’ll be a tough game, but for the first time in a month and a half, we’ll be playing in front of our home crowd.We want to demonstrate that we have prepared well, that we are in high spirits, and that we are eager to compete. These three principles are extremely important to us. It’s almost a six-point game because we’ll finish fourth if we win. So, yeah, it’s the final, and we’re fired up.
We want to demonstrate that we have prepared well, that we are in high spirits, and that we are eager to compete. These three principles are extremely important to us. It’s almost a six-point game because we’ll finish fourth if we win. So, yeah, it’s the final, and we’re fired up.

Xavi on Ousmane Dembele.
We haven’t been able to come up with a fix for Ousmane Dembele. Circumstances have changed, and he now has a job. He’s a Barcelona player, and we’ve decided to include him in the squad. We’ll have to take advantage of him. He might be able to assist us. He’s always been a decent professional, whether or not he’s been involved. As a result, the club has made its decision. We’ll use him when I think he’ll be of use. He’s a team player.

Xavi on if the club loses authority by playing Dembele
I believe we made sound decisions in attempting to promote the club while considering the situation. His contract was about to expire, and we wanted to extend it. I understand the Barca supporters, but we must keep the team in mind. We need all of our supporters, and they must also support Dembele if he plays. I understand that people would be furious, but the group is the most important thing. He is well-trained, a capable professional, and an additional player.

Xavi on Dembele’s strategy
We tried to come up with a solution. I understand both the club’s and Dembele’s positions. I’m aware that the player’s fans are dissatisfied. We must consider what is best for the club. He’s a professional player with a contract. All he can do is assist us. Whether we made mistakes or not, it makes no difference. We’ve come to a decision as a group. We’re all in this together; we’re a team, a family. We need to make choices. We made a decision a month ago, but things have changed since then, and we believe it is in the best interests of the club and the team. I’ll call on him when I believe we’ll need him.

Xavi on Auba and Adama
Both of them have put in a lot of work, although Adama is definitely in better form. Auba was diagnosed with Covid-19 and has been working on her own. We’ll decide tomorrow, but they’re both available. They’re pumped, and we’re looking forward to seeing them in the lineup.

Xavi on deadline day
I believe the club has made excellent judgments. They have put in a lot of effort. Mateu, as well as Jordi Cruyff, have been really helpful to us. We have signed quality players thanks to a great effort by the club amid difficult financial circumstances. Now that we have a stronger group, let’s see if these players can help us progress. The club has done an excellent job. I am content.

Xavi on leaving Dani Alves out of the Europa League squad
Of course, I dislike the decision since it was a difficult circumstance, and we believed that the right fullback spot was better covered than the No. 9. Of course, that’s unjust to Dani, who provides us so much both on and off the field.

Xavi on Barca’s signings
It’s not just about speed. They are, in my opinion, experienced players who are well-versed in the game. Auba and Adama are at an ideal age to grasp the game’s concepts. They understand when to take the ball and when to run. With Adama, Auba, and Ferran, we have more opportunities to play in space. They have the ability to produce, which will make it difficult for our opponents’ defenders. We now have additional choices, which is wonderful for the group and the squad’s competitiveness.

Xavi on Araujo’s contract extension
It is, without a doubt, a top priority. Ronald is a vital center-back for the team. He’s been quite helpful to us. His performances have left us really pleased. In the locker room, he’s a well-liked player. Extending his contract with the club and his agent is one of our top goals. He is the club’s present and future.

Xavi on his previous comments about Aubameyang
No, I didn’t suggest he couldn’t help Barca. I told him there were other players, such as Luis Suarez, who he was missing out on. Auba will be a huge asset to us if he can pass the ball and run. He’s quick, he scores goals, he’s got the stats, and he’s got the experience.

Xavi on the Europa League
We have a solid chance of winning a trophy and qualifying for the next Champions League. We want to participate in the Champions League, but we’re now in the Europa League, and it’s one of our key goals. I’ve competed in it as a player but have yet to win, but I’m hoping to do so now as a coach.

Xavi on what roles Abde and Jutgla will play now
They have been quite helpful to us. I believe in them, but there are now more players, which is fantastic for the new recruits and for me as a manager. If they don’t play with the first team, I want them to play with the B squad.

Xavi on if Alba would play every game now.
Balde will be gone for 5–6 weeks. We now have more choices. We will have to wait and see. Jordi is a key player, but we can all do better. In my opinion, Alba is an important player.

Xavi on Luis Suarez
We’re talking about the best No. 9 Barcelona has had in the last 20 or 30 years, together with Eto’o. He’s won awards and he’s been a fantastic teammate, so I think he’ll be well received.

Xavi on Atletico’s style
It’s not our way of doing things. I don’t think Barca fans would understand the concept; it doesn’t make sense. That isn’t to say they aren’t a formidable opponent. That is the truth. I share your viewpoint. Under Simeone, Atletico has won two titles and come close to winning the UCL by employing a distinct style, but it is not the same as Barcelona’s. This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate Cholo; he’s a fantastic manager, but he doesn’t belong at Barcelona. It’s not that I’m criticising; it’s just the truth.